Below are some of the comments received for the music and sorted by song. Sourced from actual reviews completed after the final mix was delivered to the label, using actual listeners giving real feedback.


Nice intro with some really good instruments. A nice soothing vocalist quickly joined in and I sat back and enjoyed this one very much.

Steve H.

I think that the guitar tone on this is really cool, very jangly and has a real 60s sort of vibe to it. Vocals work too.

Roger L.

I like the overall vibe and the way the song seems to sound and feel as well. It seems nice and easy as well which is good for a change.

Jeff H.

Pleasantly plucky and strummy guitar chords with a nice echo to them.. Kinda reminds me of a mellower version of the group Sonic Youth, actually.

George P.

The song contained so much beauty. While I listen, I’m filled with great delight. This song really inspired me, and I love how clear the sound is.

Jenna R.

I like this song. I very enjoyable. I share my friends and family. I feel very happy. Voice is amazing. Music is beautifull. Instruments are nice.

Sunny Velabh

This song is an instant classic. The melody is catchy, and the lyrics are meaningful. It’s definitely has a lot of potential and I absolute love it!

Karen L.

A good song that strums along nicely. The song has a great feel to it, a great sound and overall has a top notch quality in production that sounds really great.

Bob S.

The instrumental and beat feel very captivating and majestic. The artist has a very uplifting voice. The overall vibe feels very magical. Great song with potential!

Tim L.


A well-balanced song that gives you goosebumps but melts your heart at the same time. Truly a piece of art. Wow, a performance like this I’ve never witnessed for a long time. Impressed. I can see your dedication and passion. You did an amazing job. Keep singing.


One WORD perfectly encapsulates the vibe of this song: chill. It’s a calming, contemplating song that I can put on while doing homework. The vocals and drums really shine.


I really like the music. The way you convey emotions is incredible. Such a great performance overall. I can listen to your voice over and over again it’s so good.


I really enjoyed the rhythm and the melody to this song. The vocals were great and I enjoyed the lyrics and the message to the song.


I like this song and this song composing is very nice. I listening to this song make I want to hear it again and again.




Your power and control over singing are just unbelievable. You are a complete singer. Wow, with this performance, you set yourself apart from other signers. I can hear you sing all day.



Music is generally defined as the art of arranging sound to create some combination of form, harmony, melody, rhythm or otherwise expressive content. Exact definitions of music vary considerably around the world, though it is an aspect of all human societies, a cultural universal. This type of music brings relaxation to mind.


“Something About You” by Robert Sawyer Music is a captivating and melodic song that combines elements of pop and contemporary R&B. The smooth vocals and heartfelt lyrics create an intimate and emotional atmosphere, while the well-crafted instrumentation adds depth and richness to the track. With its infectious hooks and polished production, this song is sure to resonate with listeners who appreciate soulful and heartfelt music.

Steve V.

I really like the beats and the instrumentals to the song. I think that they go well together and it sounds great! Overall, great job and keep up the good work.

Heath J.

I love this music very much. I feel very happy and good with this song. I enjoy the every beats of the music. It made my day very special.

John J.

I like this song very much and I heard it more than once. The voice and music are awesome. I suggest(ed) this song my friends.

Phil C.

The music is loud, hard, heavy, deep, sharp, clear and punchy. The singer’s voice is melodious. The lyrics fit the music well.

Carol B.

I like the music of the song very much, it’s very cool and vibrant.

Caroline D.


This song’s arrangement and other important elements give it a highly indie alternative feel. The vocals, percussion, song structure, and musical arrangement of this song are all excellent. This song has incredibly imaginative and well-written lyrics. The message seemed very apparent to me.


It clearly seems that when you sing, you are completely into the song. Like you just forget that you’re performing, that makes it so natural. Whenever I feel lost, your songs give me confidence. You have set a new standard for this show, with this performance.


I love the way your song tells a unique story. Your work is my inspiration.
Keep producing great music. Performance by performance and I can feel that you’re making progress. Keep it up.


I like the lyrics and vocals in the song. I like the instrumentals and rhythm in the song. I like the mellow and relaxing sound quality of the song. I like the song structure and production. I would listen to the song again and share it with others.


I like the vocals, The are very relaxing and easy to listen to. The song reminds me of a Tom Petty song. This IS being played in the car on a road trip.


I love this awesome guitar tone. The drums and bass are locked in the pocket with this catchy beat. I love the singers tone, great lyrics, very smart and clever.


A nice song to hear and I really love it. The music is fantastic. The song structure and lyrics are amazing. I will recommend this song to my friends.


The instrumental of the song was very good. I liked the unique guitarwork on this song a lot. The singer’s voice was also pretty nice sounding.


This was a very nice little song and it helped to boost my mood on this day and I really liked it so much.. Very nice little song.


The vocalist has a good voice and sings well with the beat of the song. The sound recording quality of the song is pretty good.



I listening to this song make I want to hear it again and again I like this song, I can’t get this out of my head, since hearing the song, Awesome I loved this song so much lyrics are make a cry.


I love the song. The song is super and enjoyed really happy now. This
song music super and voice is very super. The song sound quality is very good and high level performance.


The song (sounds like) something that Sublime would put out. I’m not the biggest fan of that type of beachy rock music, but the song quality was good, the beat was decent, and overall it wasn’t a bad song.

Jim M.

The song is lively and it gives me energy. I love the beat of the music. I want to hear always because it’s good in the ears.

Timothy V.

I like this hard rock song very much. The vocal of the song was awesome. The musical instrument also very (good.) Overall the song was awesome.

Greg A.

I liked the instrumentation part of the song. The guitar playing was pretty nice, I enjoyed the solo. The drumming was well done. I thought the vocalist’s voice was great, and it fit the song.

Jeremy I.

This song is one of a kind. I am totally addicted to this song. It’s so heart warming and is one of my favorite songs in the world. “White Dresses
Featuring Kenny Aronoff” by Robert Sawyer Music. This song is a master hit of all the songs he’s made.

Candice M.

The rock track reminded me a bit of Todd Rundgren. Solid musicianship, good melody. I liked lyrics that were somewhat nostalgic.

Ted C.

I like the vocals and the beat of this song. It could be played on rock or even country stations for that matter. I would like to find out more about this artist.

Steve R.

I Iove the upbeat pop-friendly sound to this as it sounds like an intro to a TV show or something like that but, with an indie vibe and feel.

Keven S.

I really like the drums and the voice of the main singer. It sounds like a modern and slightly aged kurt kobain. It is smooth and relaxing.

Kurt J.