(I’m on Fire) features artists Vinnie Henrico (@vinniehenrico) from South Africa (drums,) Melissa Dopazzo, (@melisabass) Argentina (bass,) Robert Sawyer (vocals, guitars) Rebecca Schneider (@iammissgeist) (vocals,)Hollywood, CA. The Rhodes piano with Leslie was played by Mark B (@musikhausllc.) Kevin Savory guitar. Beau Vallis mixed and mastered.

Selected reviews:

A nice song to hear and I really love it. The music is fantastic. The song structure and lyrics are amazing. I will recommend this song to my friends.

I like the lyrics and vocals in the song. I like the instrumentals and rhythm in the song. I like the mellow and relaxing sound quality of the song. I like the song structure and production. I would listen to the song again and share it with others.

I like the vocal performance and strong slow guitar instrumentals played in this song. I like the tone and texture heard in this song. I like the style of this song.

I like the vocals, The are very relaxing and easy to listen to. The song reminds me of a Tom Petty song. I could see this being played in the car on a road trip.

I love this awesome guitar tone. The drums and bass are locked in the pocket with this catchy beat. I love the singers tone, great lyrics, very smart and clever.

I think that the singer sounds a bit like U2. The orchestration is a bit too tinny and old-school and feels like it needs to be more amped up to match the voice. But overall, a pretty good song.

It clearly seems that when you sing, you are completely into the song. Like you just forget that you’re performing, that makes it so natural. Whenever I feel lost, your songs give me confidence. You have set a new standard for this show, with this performance.

Love the way your every song tells a unique story along. Your work is my inspiration. Keep producing great music. Performance by performance and I can feel that you’re making progress.

Nice melody that really compliments the lyrics and the vocals both. The track playing is well done.

The instrumental of the song was very good. I liked the unique guitarwork on this song a lot. The singer’s voice was also pretty nice sounding.

The song’s lyrics fit the song very well. The vocals were good as well. I also thought that the song’s pacing fit the song well. The song had a good beat to it.

The track is emotional with the classic rock build up and vibe they bring here, it sounds sweet to me his passionate voice though, I find it complex the chords.

The vocalist has a good voice and sings well with the beat of the song. The sound recording quality of the song is pretty good.

This song’s arrangement and other important elements give it a highly indie-alternative feel. The vocals, percussion, song structure, and musical arrangement of this song are all excellent. This song has incredibly imaginative and well-written lyrics. The message seemed very apparent to me.

This was a very nice little song and it helped to boost my mood on this day and I really liked it so much.. Very nice little song.